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Echo Park

Today, I had lunch at the Echo Park Lotus Festival. I hadn't been there for quite a long time. I would say twenty years. I was surprised at the improvement that it underwent over the years as I remember when it was only a few pitched tents selling food.

Lotus Festival 9:00pm
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I walked around the park before getting some food. It is so clean on this day of all days in comparison to other times of the year. The dragon boat races were interesting from afar to say the least. I almost wanted to inquire about participating. Those rowing muscles on my arms are probably in desperate need of stimulation. We'll see. Tomorrow I have to inquire about some book binding classes. I'm thinking of doing that around noon.

I thought I might have caught a glimpse of a social worker I know, but I didn't have my glasses and the waferer shades further inhibited my vision. It probably is ironic that I would see someone like that as I'm a very shy, quiet person who can enjoy a day at the park, no matter how much commotion is taking place, in solitude. And we all know there's something wrong with that picture. It's just as well that I couldn't flag her down. I'm going through some turmoil in this stage of life and really, relationships are the last thing I probably need. But I'm not the most caring person when it comes to my needs and desires.

I'm going to seek professional help at Kaiser. If anybody knows of a good therapist there, please forward his/her name.


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