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kicking myself over the head as I recall seeing this book pass thru my hands as a donation, but I didn’t think to snatch it for my own. Now I search public library catalogs for it only to find that no place convenient has it available for check first I was just interested in checking the cover price because all the major book stores are listing this title for $20+, and in my research efforts I discovered that it sold for $6.50 when it made it to the New York bestseller's list (for one week) on October 7, 2001.

I've been reading this other title. Don't they look alike? I am still undecided whether I will pay the price being asked for for Kieran crowley'S book. There are two other editions out on the market, a reprint which I believe came out a couple years after 2001. And Dr. Death, a shorter version containing only 304 pages to the original publication of 400+ pages.

I just think it odd that zero libraries have this item. Why? Could it be

Because nobody is dumb enough to hash out 20 smackeroos on a book listed as non fiction? Personally, I feel The case had a lot of holes.

Also, because there are different versions, I would like a chance to skim through the pages of each to look for such things as differences in photo plates, as well as the differences in content from the first publication to the 2008 Dr death copy for possible updates to dues on who did what.

So I got online and started inquiring about book stores that may have a copy in stock. Is it me or is it weird
that book stores don't have a copy for browsing either? Scandalous. Well I haven't scoured over all the retailers in Los Angeles to check if Dr death might be available. But as far as I know , The Dr death version is still listing as $6.79 for a new copy.

Publisher information seems to be headquartered in the U.K. For something that found its way to a mainstream market and reach tenth place for at least One week in 2001, when 911 happened, I would wager that the Royals might be behind the suspiciousness. Upon searching out journalists contributing to the Carnegie Deli massacre, I discovered that one of the authors of an article in the New York Post, Larry CELONA,his name happens to be an anagram for Royal Lancers.

Then there's that rumor I heard that Sarah Ferguson was near the twin towers when they were attacked. Following through on that tidbit,/ also learned that after Sarah Ferguson divorced, she came out to America to work for a livery as she had created an enormous debt for herself. Did you know somebody going by Sarah Ferguson also wrote the article about Max cantor'S death? THE strange, sad death of Max cantor - Esquire magazine.

The only reason I'm reading dangerous doses is because the author Katherine Evan wrote articles on the Carnegie Deli massacre under the name Katherine finkelstein. But I digress. I'm almost finished reading it and I plan to continue with bottle of lies. It's stimulating scenarios in my mind as possible backstory of JENNIFER STAHL. Considering The Bierenbaum murder of his wife who also dabbled in controlled substances, I might have an idea for a movie to continue the dirty dancing epic.
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