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I will never understand why peeps walking in LOS ANGELES don't have their smart phone camera at the ready. My pappy use to say he never understood why people walking down the street always have their face glued to their phones. Maybe I scare easily juxtaposing how the elderly don't have an interest in digital technology and suffer from it in an ever changing world racing to invent things, like police robots so that human peace officers aren't injured or given the bad rap like the goon squad from Mississippi. I guess when you have free social media apps running on your phone, it isn't enough to write a bad review for door dash proclaiming their hiring practices of scum of the earth to deliver your food. Doing so (submitting bad reviews) may require checking your Yelp review periodically if only to confirm that it's been approved, then affirming that it hasn’t been removed (by corporate COOs), and eventually just screenshooting the review if it makes it onto the platform so as to prove that your testimony had indeed been written at one time or another.

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Stepped outside for lunch today. Carrot wheather app predicted a high of 82°F degrees. While 82 isn't the worst heat to walk in, I think it was the uv index that really made my skin sizzle. The sprinklers of an apartment complex were spilling over along the sidewalk, and while many people might argue that their feet would have to be barefoot before being able to detect the temperature difference under their feet where the water was streaming, it's the power of suggestion that my shoes rely on to happily tread over clean water. Today was mesmerizing. I learned it was Code Talkers Day today and just above the horizon I could see a faint smoke signal against the white clouds.

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I think just last week a new Buffalo Wild Wings opened up. Just look at all the empty seats where, even in LOS ANGELES, if you're at a restaurant, smoking is prohibited. How are people supposed to build an appetite this way? Isn't it interesting? cafe shops popularized (writers) working remotely by hanging out all day until inspiration strikes, yet there are some who rely on a good smoke to spark creativity. And yet, it's prohibited even if sitting outdoors in a patio to smoke. Isn't it a little bit like bringing the luke-warm war to the people just by the realization that a peace officer's primary function is to subdue/overbear wrongdoers who may be law abiding citizens?
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