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Laura Italiano wrote an article about Kamala Harris that made it impossible to continue writing, so she quit. She also authored coverage on the plastic surgeon who killed his wife Gail Katz Bierenbaum. The story goes something like this: Robert Bierenbaum killed his wife in 1985 and fifteen years later he went to court, eventually being found guilty 30 years later.

It's kind of unusual that a defendant would receive a life sentence eventhough no body or murder weapon was found. It wasn't until after he was found guilty that he admitted to killing her.

As far as I know from the few articles I've read on the subject, Robert Bierenbaum tried to appeal his conviction. I think something must've happened to prompt his confession. For instance, he must've done something much worse than murdering his spouse.

While the saying goes it's a thin line between genius and insanity, Bierenbaum was thought to be the former (the perfect catch for Gail). Here's what I truly have a hard time believing... Born in 1955, he was about thirty when his wife vanished. They had dated for about a year before they got married in 1982. That means he was 26 years old when he met Gail. This scenario plays in my head over and over again. If he graduated high school at age 18 like most people, then the eight years of medical school places him as a graduate at 26; so when did he have time to learn to fly airplanes?

My theory is he was involved in much darker activities, like black market organ harvesting and performing plastic surgery on underaged girls. Surely being found guilty of such sinister practices would get him a stiffer sentence!

To begin explaining my ludicrous scenario of events, I must include the movie Dirty Dancing in which Jake Houseman, Jerry Orbach's role in the film, has a confrontation with Robbie Gould, a medical student. Jerry Orbach has also held roles in Law & Order which has aired episodes that depicting the turn of events involving Robert Bierenbaum. Also, episodes Jerry Orbach has been affiliated with as an actor on Law & Order are episodes portraying the Carnegie Deli massacre which involved one of the extra actresses playing a dirty-dancer in Dirty Dancing.

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