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can I find dark web info linking Robbie Gould involved in black market cosmetic surgery?…

Bierenbaum v. Graham

Remember Dirty Dancing?

Robbie Gould’s character is the embodiment of Robert Bierenbaum.

In the movie, do you remember Baby’s line “I carried a watermelon”? if you look carefully, you’ll see she had to do that line several times. I think the movie contains three clips, back to back, of her saying that from different angles.

My brain can’t detract from the idea that Baby got breast augmentation surgery (not in the film) as part of her compensation for her acting roll in Dirty Dancing. One of the insurance policies she possibly needed to take out was the vague reference to new boobs as watermelons in part of her dialog during the course of filming for Dirty Dancing.

Gray clip is a link naming Jennifer Grey’s stunt double Transparent background
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