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Hello. I couldn't sleep last night. I woke up at about 2:15 and started listening to the KABC radio on my snooze radio/clock alarm. Then the witching hour had bestowed my restlessness and I just lay there for about a half hour before I turned on the radio again. I heard the early birds chirping outside my window. I thought, how rude it was for that bird to be singing while everyone else is trying to sleep. Then I began imagining what a great scene for a movie it might be if one of the characters in my screenplay got out of bed at the break of dawn to walk outside and fill his lungs with fresh air before he began sounding operatic sounds. I'm sure passersby would think he was a nutcase.
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Then I thought, what if the same guy started chanting the evil, grungey vocals of thrash metal. Forget about the lyrics having so much crude language because it wouldn't be decipherable anyway. The grunginess of sinister vocals takes away any sense of following the lyrics to a song, at least it does for me. I began to wonder whether or not passersby would feel more comfortable seeing that a crazy standing out in the open hollering some gibberish was indeed more sane than somebody hollering a yodel.

I guess I can't sleep because every time the phone rings I feel butterflies. Maybe even palpitations. I don't know whether to expect a call in a positive way, or a negative way and I find that I must prepare myself for anything. Juicy baby wants me to tag along with her and her clan to the JJ concert in Anaheim. I haven't checked my schedule yet. It would be nice to be able to see Joan Jett. When she looks downward at the cameraman's feet, her cheekbones become so becoming. Do you remember the pictures of Princess Diana, and the way she almost seemed to look as if she shyed away from the camera by look down and/or away? Well, that downward glance that makes most people look evil (if their eyes are focused upward at you) makes Joan Jett's cheekbones her best feature.

So I was saying. My friend is helping me contact an old friend because it's believed that if I do not put my concern to rest, I will never move on with my life. This comfortable, unbearable life. Hm? I guess I'm mature enough.

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